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Cooler Weather Means Different Issues

Cooler Weather Means Different Issues

“It got cold on us.” Thats what the lady at the grocery store told me. She’s right, but it’s still early. Cooler temperatures are coming and early indicators are that this may be a cooler than normal winter. Well, that depends on who you ask. It’s a good idea to have your heating system checked out. Here’s what happened to me when I tested my system for the first time this season…

In a perfect world you should just flip a switch and things will work but in our world, as close to perfect as we can expect, it doesn’t work that way. I turned my system on for the first time expecting to burn off any remnants of the heating elements being off for a season. Draft inducer engages, spark ignition lights up, blower starts… nothing, system shuts down. My phone beeps with a weather alert, 38° tonight… Lucky me. I call (770) 766-1657 and promptly schedule a visit. Even though in HVAC, I want to have the best guys in the business looking at my furnace. After a while of testing and repairs my furnace worked and with in a few hours my home warmed to a comfortable temperature.

So ok, its not a perfect world but my little piece is warmer now thanks to our guys here at Casteel Heating and Cooling. Remember to have your system checked out before it gets too cold. Call 770-565-5884 and schedule your appointment too!

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