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Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

Can you feel the heat yet…I sure can! Last week we talked about how to save money on your utility bill, but this week I wanted to give you a few tips on how to stay cool! These are easy steps recommended by Kudzu that you can try around your home without adjusting your thermostat!

  • Turn the lights off! The light bulbs in your home can give of more heat than you think! During the day, try to rely on natural light from outside, instead of using light fixtures in your home. You may want to also consider switching to Energy Star qualified light bulbs, which produce less heat and last longer!
  • Keep your blinds down, especially on the sunny side of your home. Keeping the blinds down will allow some natural light to come through without heating up your home too much!
  • Do not underestimate the use of fans! A good ceiling or floor fan can make your home feel cooler simply by the breeze it blows across your skin. It does not however reduce the temperature, but it does allow some relief from the stale air.
  • During the summer months, try to use your stove and oven less. These two things sure can heat up a house! Take advantage of the nice summer weather and grill outside instead.
  • Make sure all your air ducts are sealed! Have them inspected for leaks and sealed accordingly. No sense in paying for cool air if it is leaking!

Let me know how these tips work out. Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter. I love hearing feedback from y’all! Until then, stay cool!

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