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Party Planning Tips to Keep You Cool on Labor Day

Party Planning Tips to Keep You Cool on Labor Day

Hey, y’all! It’s been a while since I planned a good party, but Labor Day is coming up on Monday and I can’t resist having the neighbors over for a backyard party! It’s been a long, hot summer here in Marietta, and if y’all are like me, you’ll want to do as little work as possible this weekend. I’ve got party planning tips that’ll keep your weekend simple and stress-free while you entertain your loved ones!

  • Pick party foods that you can cook in a slow cooker.
    • Don’t slave over a hot stove or oven on Monday morning – throw all your ingredients in a slow cooker on Sunday night and let the food take care of itself!
    • You’ll be able to focus on other tasks while the food cooks.
    • When it’s time to eat, just turn the heat down and leave the food in the cooker for your guests to serve themselves.
  • Make a big batch of one adult and one kid-friendly drink
    • Choose one easy-to-make drink that everyone will love and save yourself the trouble of buying all sorts of mixers.
    • Serve it from a 5gal Gatorade cooler and make clean up easier (just make sure to label each cooler properly!).
  • Keep the decorations simple.
    • No need to go all out for decorations! Use just a few cute accents here and there.
    • Make sure the decorations can be moved inside easily – there’s a chance it might rain on Monday and you may have to move the party indoors.
    • Pick decorations that can be put away easily once the party is over; cleaning up is the least fun part – so make it easy on yourself!

Hope this helps. Y’all have a safe and fun holiday. Don’t hesitate to holler at me on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions or good ideas of your own!

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