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Getting to Know Your Air Conditioning System: Part 1: Room vs. Central Air

Getting to Know Your Air Conditioning System: Part 1: Room vs. Central Air

If you have never owned your own home or have never had to perform maintenance on your air conditioning system, you probably do not know much about how the system actually works. We tend to take air conditioning for granted, letting it do its job in the background as we go on with our busy lives. This series is intended to help you learn more about your system and how to keep it at maximum performance.

To begin with, did you know that there are two types of air conditioning systems?

Room air conditioner: These types of units are commonly referred to as window units, because that's the location where they are most often installed; however, these units can also be installed into an exterior wall. They are called room units, because they are usually only strong enough to cool one room. These units plug into a standard receptacle, and are fairly simple to install.

Air is pulled in from the outside and cooled through the unit and then brought into the room, thereby cooling the temperature of the room. Window units come in different sizes and must be chosen carefully in order to properly cool the room without using more energy than necessary.

Central air conditioner: These units cool your entire house using one condenser, which is typically located outside the home. The condenser is hooked up to a fan and coil system that circulates air within the house, re-cooling it to keep the home at a specific temperature.

Central air units are much quieter than window units, more effective, and require much less maintenance.

More and more people are switching from room to central because of all of the benefits that central air provides. If you have questions about switching from room to central air, or about upgrading your system, please give us a call (770-565-5884) or use our contact form.

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