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Father’s Day Ideas: DIY Ideas by Susie, Inspired by Pinterest

Father’s Day Ideas: DIY Ideas by Susie, Inspired by Pinterest

Hey y'all, Susie here. I've been doing a lot of searching on Pinterest lately, looking for ideas of what to get my husband for Father's Day. Anyone else dealing with Mr. Impossible when it comes to gift giving? Ugh! Anyways, I did find some great DIY crafts that I thought were adorable! They may not be right for my Mr. Impossible, but y'all might have better luck! Here they are, please feel free to share any ideas you have in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. Reenacting an old picture - This one is especially cute if you've got older kids! Take one of your favorite pictures from when your husband was little, or your kids were younger and retake it! Try your hardest to match the location, clothing, props, etc. You'll love the way it turns out! For an example, check out of the pins on my Father's Day board
  2. A hand tree - This one is simple! All you'll need is paper, paint and your kids' hands. Take a white sheet of paper and draw a tree with branches, no leaves. Next, pick out Dad's favorite colors in paint (you'll probably want finger paint!) and paint the palms of your kids' hands. Your kids' hand prints will be the leaves on the tree! Have your kids press their hands on the paper where you drew the tree and voilà! (Also an example of someone's final product on my Father's Day board)
  3. D-A-D Photo - Another adorable and simple project! This one is perfect for the new dad. Head to the craft store and look for big giant letters (they are usually near the section with wood crafts) that spell out dad.  Take three different photos of your child: one with him/her holding the "D", then with the "A" and then with the "D" again. Buy a horizontal frame that holds three photos and there you have it! A cheap, easy and ever-so adorable Father's Day gift - perfect for Dad's desk!

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