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Don’t Get Beat By The Summer Heat!

Don’t Get Beat By The Summer Heat!

The summer heat is rolling in, and if you’re like me y’all, you’re cranking up that air conditioner! Having an AC tune-up right about now would give you a piece of mind for the summer.

Between chasing the kids around all day and entertaining guests this summer, my air conditioner is the last thing I want to worry about! I mean, you wouldn’t want to have an AC problem in the middle of a hot Atlanta day, would you?!

Not only do the fellas at Catseel offer an AC tune-up for only $79 but they also offer FREE FREON! Yupp, I said it! The free freon that the fellas at Casteel Heating and Cooling provide can help save you a lot of money if leaks are found and repaired.

With Casteel, if your system is low and has no non repairable leaks then they can charge your system and take care of any leaks that have occurred and you won’t be charged for freon! I’m sure going to schedule my service as soon as possible! There’s nothing better than a beautiful Atlanta summer, except for maybe Free Freon and a $79 AC tune-Up special! 😉

Let me know how your service was from Casteel on my Twitter page, or leave the fellas a comment on their Facebook and Twitter pages….we’d love to hear from you! Until then, stay cool Atlanta!