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Maintaining Your Equipment Prevents Early System Failure

Maintaining Your Equipment Prevents Early System Failure

It's inevitable that you'll have to replace your A/C unit at some point (and we are here for you when that happens), but performing routine equipment maintenance can extend the life of your system.

The most important routine maintenance you can perform is to change your air filter regularly. A buildup of dirt and dust can not only cause your system to be inefficient, but it can also lead to system failure. Changing your filter on a monthly basis is recommended.

We also advise setting an appointment to have a technician tune up your HVAC equipment. The technician can not only check your settings and tighten connections, but can also look at your system as a whole to see where it can be improved upon to make sure it’s running at an optimal level.

If you’d like to have a technician check out your HVAC system, let us know. You can also ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter!