The Casteel Amazing Care

What have our customers been saying lately?

What have our customers been saying lately?

Let’s face it, your A/C breaking down in August blows (or doesn’t blow, depending on your A/C problem).

So, rating the people who come to fix it and take money from your wallet is no fun.

Having said that, I was very pleased with Casteel. You can make an appointment and communicate with their folks online and by email. I pretty much loathe people, so this works for me great!

They showed up within the window they gave me and made the promised call ahead of time. They tell you they will give you a 45-minute notice before the tech comes, so you don’t have to sit at home waiting for them. I got less of a warning – about 15 minutes. I explained to the tech that I was at work Downtown, and I’d be there in about 30 minutes. He didn’t complain at all. In fact, when I got home he was sitting patiently in my driveway and greeted me with a handshake and a smile.

This young tech got down to business and diagnosed my problem within about 10 minutes of arriving. My unit was having a hard time cooling my place. No matter what temp I put it on, it wouldn’t get below 78-80 degrees inside. He allowed me to watch him while he worked outside, and showed me that some part called a capacitator was not working right.

He quickly replaced it, put in a new filter and did some other routine maintenance and checks. Cold air was soon flowing again. I now have no problems. Chilly nights are back.

On a side note, here’s one thing I liked: I actually bought a “maintenance plan.” Now, I’m a Clark Howard fan and a pretty savvy consumer. I generally know these are a crock. But there were a few things that sold me on it. One – you get a 20 percent discount on whatever work/parts they do (including one on the spot if you sign up). Two, they come out twice a year (one in winter, once in summer) to check your unit and make sure it’s working properly.

Personally, I think it was worth the $180 or so dollars for that kind of peace of mind. That’s just me. I’m blessed to have the ability to pay that kind of money without it breaking the bank. I guess it’s up to each individual.

What I liked mostly is that there was no high-pressure pitch from the tech to buy it. He just very matter-of-factly told me it was available. I had to ask him what it entailed. I didn’t feel like I was being hustled. He basically just laid it out and said, “Up to you.” If only more sales people realized this pitch works with people better than the hocus pocus job.

I was pleased with Casteel and would call them again if necessary. Hopefully, it won’t be.

– Carlos C. from