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A Burst Water Pipe Is No Joke: Prevention Is Key

A Burst Water Pipe Is No Joke: Prevention Is Key

When it comes to a burst water pipe, prevention is the best strategy.

Homeowners in Roswell, for instance, might not know how prevalent burst pipes are. Here, residents tend to think frozen pipes are a Northern problem. But they’re not.

Homes in the South often are more prone to burst pipes because homeowners generally don’t take the problem into consideration or take steps to prevent it. Wear and tear and aging make pipes susceptible to bursting.

Pipes usually burst when temperatures drop to extremes, and quickly. You can’t control the outdoor temperature, but you can prevent indoor conditions that are conducive to freezing pipes. Preventing a burst water pipe requires some time and a bit of money and elbow grease.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Draw a diagram of the exposed pipes in your home - those that don’t run through areas that receive heating during the winter. Purchase pipe insulation from a local home-improvement store and apply the insulation to the exposed pipes. Insulated pipes won’t succumb to freezing as easily as uninsulated pipes.
  • Alternatively, use heat cables around plumbing pipes. Instead of creating a barrier to the movement of heat, like insulation, heat cables create and direct heat inside the pipe to keep the water from getting too cold.
  • Seal air leaks in the exterior shell to keep your home’s temperature stable. This is particularly important for pipes located in a basement or garage.
  • Always keep the home at a reasonable temperature, even if you are away or plan to be away for an extended period. If an unexpected freeze hits the Roswell area and you can’t get home to raise the temperature, the pipes may freeze.

If your home’s plumbing system has seen better days, it’s important to have a professional periodically evaluate the health and durability of the pipes to avoid problems. For whatever reason, if the pipes burst, immediately shut off the home’s main water supply and contact a plumber.

Limit the chances of a burst water pipe in your home. Take these steps to prevent having to deal with a flooded basement and expensive plumbing repairs. The experts at Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are happy to evaluate your plumbing system and make recommendations to safeguard it.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons