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Humidifier vs Vaporizer: And the Winner Is …

Humidifier vs Vaporizer: And the Winner Is …

Overly dry air in your Buckhead home could cause family members to experience symptoms like dry nasal passages and colds. Restoring moisture to the air encourages health. But the age-old question of humidifier vs vaporizer continues.

Both devices release moisture into the home. Read on to learn when a humidifier or a vaporizer is best.

Restore Humidity

When you urgently need to resolve a moisture problem in your home, humidifiers and vaporizers may not seem all that different at first glance. And in some respects, they aren’t. There’s no need for contests in the humidifier vs vaporizer debate when it comes to restoring humidity in your home. Both devices achieve higher levels of humidity (within the 25 to 40 percent range recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency). Such conditions help to reduce the dry air that aggravates cold and allergy symptoms, such as coughing and congestion.

Differences Defined

Here’s how the two devices differ in dealing with dry conditions:

  • Processes. One of the primary differences is how they increase humidity. Humidifiers use cold water, breaking it up into smaller drops of water - a necessary step if the water drops are to remain suspended in the air once they’re released from the tank. Vaporizers, however, boil water to create steam, which is released into the air.
  • Safety. When children are in the home, most experts advise installing a humidifier to avoid the burn risks that vaporizers present.
  • Cost. Depending on the size and power of what you need, machine costs vary. Generally speaking, however, vaporizers tend to cost less than humidifiers.
  • Medication. Vaporizers are in part designed for using inhalants. It’s possible to insert a medication such as Vick’s so that the generated heat-steam releases the medication alongside the moisture. You can’t do that with humidifiers.
  • Hygiene. A vaporizer continuously heats water to a boiling state, so it is very hygienic, with little risk of releasing bacteria in the moisture. Humidifiers, on the other hand, are often prone to bacteria and mold buildup in their tanks, which then gets released into the air.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons