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The Holiday Prep Checklist You Haven't Read

The Holiday Prep Checklist You Haven't Read

Are you preparing to have company come in for the holiday season? We've seen the prep lists before: fluff the pillows, wash the towels, light some candles.. But are you really prepared for everyone to be in your living space? Here are a few things that may have gotten overlooked while you were preparing.

  1. Lighting: I'm sure you have the steps practically memorized from your bed to the bathroom or down to the kitchen at your house. However, guests aren't so familiar with every twist, turn and creaky floorboard from their room to other areas of your home. Consider adding in some extra lighting in hallways or a nightlight in the bathroom to avoid stubbed toes or accidental trips down the stairs.
  2. Pets: Does Fido have a favorite chair he is used to sleeping in all day? Not only do you want to make sure his area is vacuumed to be hair-free and deodorized, but does he have a new place to lay his head when grandpa falls asleep in his chair? Remember, pets are a part of the family too! And leaving them with no place to go may lead to unwanted rebellious acts. Protect your favorite pair of shoes and make sure Fido has a new place to sleep.
  3. First Aid Kit: Holidays typically bring great food, which is good for us, but can potentially be dangerous. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked with burn cream, antiseptic, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, and any other supplies you can think of. Side note: You may want to consider checking your fire extinguisher to make sure it is readily available as well!
  4. Clear the Fridge: One word: Leftovers. Not only do you want to make sure to get rid of the old leftovers to make sure you have enough containers for your holiday leftovers, you need the extra space in your fridge for it all to fit!
  5. Your Systems: Imagine how quickly a fun time can turn sour if the heating in your home were to suddenly go out in the middle of winter with family/friends on their way. Have all of your major systems serviced before the holiday season to make sure disaster doesn't strike. To have your heating checked out, call Casteel and schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our trained technicians. And make sure to sign up for our preventative maintenance program while they're there to ensure they'll be out twice a year, every year and you never have to worry about calling to schedule again.

And the last thing you shouldn't forget, HAVE FUN! The holidays are a great time to enjoy friends and family and relax. Are there any other last minute tips you can think of?