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Treat Your Garbage Disposal Like a Movie Star, Get an Oscar-Worthy Performance

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Like a Movie Star, Get an Oscar-Worthy Performance

There’s nothing more convenient than a garbage disposal in good working condition. A cared-for disposal lets you put almost anything down your kitchen drain (within reason) without having to painstakingly remove food remnants by hand. You’ll quickly realize how much you value your disposal when it stops working.

If you put the wrong items down the drain, the pipes will quickly clog up. Then you’ll face the nuisance of a clogged drain, limited use of your home’s plumbing system and a potentially costly plumbing and garbage disposal repair.

Director Tips

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure you’re giving your disposal the care it needs:

  • Use lemon and lime rinds to give the system a good scrubbing. As the disposal blades rip through the peel, it scours the system and releases a pleasing scent of lemon or lime.
  • Wash your disposal like you would the dishes. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid down the drain and run the cold water while you turn on the disposal. The soap will clean out the system.
  • Always run the disposal along with water, but always use cold water. If there are any remnants of grease or oil that make their way into the drain, running hot or even warm water keeps them in a liquid state. They’ll move further down the pipes and potentially develop into a blockage. Cold water keeps the grease in a hardened state and lets the blades pulverize it before it can cause trouble in the drain.
  • After you shut off the disposal, continue to run the water until the motor has subsided.
  • Know which foods are acceptable. Some foods encourage a scrubbing action inside the disposal, so you should feel free to put eggshells, tiny pits from fruit, and small bones from fish and chicken into the drain.
  • If you have large items you want to grind up, chop them first into smaller pieces. Then push a bit of food down the drain at a time, letting the disposal grind up the food in batches.
  • Don’t put these items into the drain: plastic, metal, glass, combustible items and oil. Avoid putting items into the drain that absorb moisture, like potato peels, or that can get tangled, like celery stalks.

Give your garbage disposal the “star” treatment. If you need help with maintenance or repair, contact the plumbing experts at Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons