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Amazing Heating and Cooling Story!

Amazing Heating and Cooling Story!

Here in Atlanta we at Casteel can run into all sorts of scenarios when installing heating equipment or making repairs in crawl spaces. This story was sent to us and we thought we’d share,

73-year-old Velma Kellen of Yelm, Washington was shocked by news that a stranger had taken up residence underneath her home. The discovery was made when Kellen called a repairman to investigate problems with her new furnace. The repairman went into the crawl space under her home and found not only that a duct was cut, but that it was most likely cut by a person living under the house. Empty beer cans and liquor bottles were littering the crawl space, and altered duct blew warm air under the house onto the unwanted visitor. The Yelm police chief said that in his 18-years of service with the department, he had never heard of any similar case. Kellen's three dogs never barked at night leading her to believe there was nothing out of the ordinary, but she did say that she believed the squatter smoked marijuana because she often smelled smoke lingering in her house. After a call to her insurance company, the homeowner ended up paying $500 for the duct repair.

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