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Benefits of Casteel Preventive Maintenance

Benefits of Casteel Preventive Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system can be one of your home's biggest expenses. Monthly bills can sky rocket with high energy use during peak usage days. Here in Atlanta we know this all too well with our hot humid summers. Break downs can also be costly and could leave your home uncomfortable for your family. A majority of the time this can be prevented with maintenance to the system. At Casteel Heating and Cooling preventative maintenance agreements are prearranged inspections of your air conditioner and furnace to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and any issues are found before a costly break down occurs.

Generally visits are scheduled twice a year so that the cooling side and the heating side of the air conditioner system can be checked before going into high demand. Filters are changed and important components are examined for defections. At Casteel we include standard one inch filters and offer 20% discounts on parts that need to be replaced. During cooling visits preparing for hot Atlanta summers technicians examine refrigerant components as well as air movement devices in the furnace such as the blower motor. During the heating preparing for winter visits the technician will examine the safety of the furnace's heat exchanger cells for flaws that could allow carbon monoxide into the home. Other heating components are also examined to ensure the likelihood of an outage is reduced.

As a home owner these preventative maintenance agreement visits will give you piece of mind knowing that certified technicians are reviewing your air conditioning system for integrity and performance. Regular maintenance means an air conditioner can run at its peak efficiency which saves you money because you're able to get every bit of performance your system is designed for. The easier your system has to work the less energy it requires. The lesser stress also means a longer life for the compressor and other major parts in the air conditioner. Maintenance extends the life of the all components in your heating and cooling system.

The benefits of regular maintenance will certainly pay you back in peace of mind, saving money on energy bills and longer system life.

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