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Casteel Getting Ready to Welcome a Special New Family Member!

Casteel Getting Ready to Welcome a Special New Family Member!

Ryann Nicole

Amanda joined the Casteel Family in 2012 and announced the birth of her and her Husband Jesse’s first daughter is due in May! They are very excited to welcome Ryann Nicole to the world. Amanda will be the first woman to have a baby while working at Casteel and we’re so happy for her and Jesse. As of today Amanda is 26 weeks and in speaking with her she is enjoying every moment of impending motherhood.

“I had morning sickness but it didn’t last long”, She explained. “I talked to friends about being pregnant and compared to them I think I’ve had a pretty good pregnancy.”

Amanda and Jesse are excited to know that Ryann will be welcomed into a wonderfully special family that will now extend into 5 generations. They plan on taking lots of pictures especially with Ryann’s soon to be Great Great Grand Mother.

Ryann NicoleAlthough they’re not quite finished with the baby room they soon will be and there is a baby shower planned in February. Amanda will be taking time and when she returns to work she will be supported by her mother and aunts who are there for her and Jesse in the care of Ryann. Jesse is currently in training and will soon be an Atlanta police officer protecting our city and we at Casteel are proud of him for that achievement as well.

A wonderful family, wonderful parents to be and with much love we’re happy that Casteel can be apart of this wonder moments in their lives. Congratulations and we can’t wait to welcome our newest member of our Casteel extended family!