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Hey Atlanta! Think Green, Save Green!!!

Hey Atlanta! Think Green, Save Green!!!

Think Green, Save Green

Here at Casteel, we are always looking out for the best interests of our customers, and one way that we do this is by finding ways to help them save money! Making the home more energy efficient is an easy, hassle free way to make your home more earth friendly without having to change your lifestyle. The energy efficient improvements you make will decrease monthly utility costs and the savings you earn can be put towards making bigger and better energy efficient improvements down the line. There is an improvement for every budget, so find the improvement that fits and start saving today!

Energy Efficient HVAC

High AFUE Furnace: Furnaces that carry AFUE ratings of 95% or above are extremely efficient with the energy they consume because they reduce waste to an absolute minimum! Furnaces that are 10 years old or more are often less than 70% efficient with the fuel they consume, and upgrading to a new high efficiency system could vastly decrease your heating costs.

High SEER Air Conditioning: Air conditioners have never been known for their ability to use energy efficiently, but over the past 5 years, things have changed. Where your current air conditioner may only carry a SEER rating of 6 to 10, new air conditioners now have ratings up to 21 SEER! That is a major leap in efficiency that could be yours for much less than you may think! Incentives, discounts, and attractive financing options have made these units more affordable and practical.

Duct Sealing and Insulating: This is a simple, affordable service that can help save money and increase comfort. Make it easier for the heating and cooling to get to the rooms in your home by having Four Seasons seal and insulate your ducts. This prevents losses to unconditioned rooms and gaps in the ducts.
Programmable Thermostats: These easy to use thermostats help prevent waste by adjusting the temperature when you are away from the home or sleeping. By programming your typical schedule into the thermostat you will be able to save money by only heating and cooling the home when you are there to enjoy the comfort.

Energy Efficient Home

Insulation: Adding insulation to an old leaky home is an affordable way to lower your utility bills. The thicker your heat barrier is, the better the home will be able to contain the heat during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer.

Windows and Doors: Ancient windows and doors are a common source of energy waste for many homes in the Chicagoland area. Upgrading windows and doors to newer models that have the ability to insulate and seal will help your furnace and air conditioner run more efficiently and put significant amounts of money back into your pocket every month.
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Products: From washers and dryers to microwaves and televisions, nearly any appliance that consumes energy can be replaced with one that is ENERGY STAR qualified. This seal is a signal to the buyer that the product they are able to purchase is responsible with the energy that it consumes.