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When to Replace a Water Heater

When to Replace a Water Heater

I want to address the topic of water heaters today. I have had many customers ask me of late about when they should replace their heaters.

How long should a tank-less water heater last?

Is a tank-less water heater right for me?

What about the environment or new technology?

When customers ask all of these questions, I can almost see their heads spinning from false information or partial answers obtained from the internet or a salesman who has to meet quotas and might not have their unique home in mind.

Unfortunately, I have read a number of opinions on multiple sites stating that you should only replace a water heater if it is leaking. This is only good advice for people who have the time and money to clean up the damage to their home and plumbing system caused by a flooded water heater. Depending on the level of deterioration in your unit, the industry standard life span recommendation is 8 – 12 years. This estimate does not mean that your water heater is about to spring a leak if it is 10 years old, though it is a possibility. Once your anode rod (a sacrificial element inside your tank) is deteriorated, the tank is attacked and begins to break down. This situation creates extra debris in your water system, which may cause other fixtures in your plumbing system to fail. The ripple effect causes more unnecessary plumbing repairs; therefore, it is always best to check your heater annually. Depending on the findings of your heater’s health, replace it before it leaks, and you may never know the joys of water remediation.

Remember once all the costs of damages are factored in, you are not saving money by putting off replacing your struggling water heater.