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Is a Broken Air-Conditioning Fan Undercutting Your HVAC?

Is a Broken Air-Conditioning Fan Undercutting Your HVAC?

If you’re feeling lower comfort levels than usual from an air conditioner, it’s time to start troubleshooting system problems. HVAC equipment consists of so many small parts that the process of diagnosing a problem can baffle the average Buckhead homeowner. Still, there are ways to tell if a broken air-conditioning fan is the root of your problem. Here is how to detect the issue and how you can avoid the problem in the first place.

HVAC Troubleshooting

When you have an AC unit outside your home, the fans can break down over time. Simple wear and tear caused by rain and debris hitting a unit can eventually disable one or more fans. An easy way to diagnose fan failure is to approach the unit and listen. Excessive noise or vibrations coming from the unit indicate that there is a problem.

Condenser fans that make a squealing sound suggest that blades are out of balance in the A/C unit. The lack of balance can cause bearing failure. This may cause failure in the overall system when the problem is left unfixed. Professional HVAC contractors can diagnose and address this problem after a quick inspection of the unit. After identifying whether the fan is slowed by debris or rusted parts, technicians will clean or replace fans to get the system up and running. A quick response will save a much larger headache in the future.

Avoiding a Broken Air-Conditioning Fan

While competent HVAC technicians can repair any trouble with your system - including a broken air-conditioning fan - the best approach is to avoid trouble of this kind altogether. Not everyone is expected to know the inner workings and ideal maintenance schedule for HVAC equipment. To avoid the mysteries of heating and cooling system problems, regular preventive maintenance is the solution.

Technicians arrive at your home with a set list of procedures in hand. Inspection of HVAC fans, motors and coils are part of the process. In addition, you’ll get recommendations on how to maximize energy efficiency during the hot weather when air conditioners work overtime. Every Atlanta-area family is familiar with the strain cooling systems endure in summer. Additionally, the debris and effects of elements from Georgia winters can also hamper HVAC efficiency and shorten a system’s life span.

Contact Casteel to address or prevent trouble in your air-conditioning system. When you want to keep your home comfortable year-round, a proactive approach works best.