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Is a Rooftop HVAC Unit Right for Your Business?

Is a Rooftop HVAC Unit Right for Your Business?

In the hot summers and chilly winters of Atlanta, a business needs a reliable heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system to keep its customers and employees comfortable. Rooftop HVAC systems are among the most common systems that are used in commercial settings, but they are not the only type available. Is a rooftop system the right choice for your business?

Types of HVAC Systems

Two basic types of HVAC systems are most commonly used in commercial settings: central HVAC units and rooftop HVAC units. A central unit is usually mounted on a concrete slab on the side of your Buford building’s foundation. Despite the name, a central unit is actually split. Components are located in the exterior compressor as well as in the furnace inside the building. The outside compressor contains a fan and a heat exchanger, and the furnace houses a fan and an evaporative heat exchanger. Without both parts of the system operating at the same time, a central HVAC system cannot function.

This gives rooftop HVAC systems an advantage, especially when it comes to a business setting that doesn’t require the same around-the-clock demands that a residential HVAC system does. When it comes to cooling large spaces in the most efficient manner possible, a rooftop HVAC system rises above its competition. The cooling components are all contained within the single rooftop unit. If no cooling system was previously in place in the building, a rooftop HVAC system can be installed and connected to existing ductwork. No modifications are needed to the furnace or any other parts of the HVAC system already in the building.

When a Rooftop System Is the Right Choice

If your business has a flat roof, it may be a good candidate for a rooftop HVAC unit. Even if your roof has a slope, HVAC professionals can often install a rooftop unit, assuming your roof can handle the weight of the unit. Call Casteel to discuss your HVAC needs. Their trained professionals will take a look at your building and determine whether a rooftop unit is right for your business.