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Ultraviolet Lamps Combat Springtime Allergens

Ultraviolet Lamps Combat Springtime Allergens

While many of us greet the coming of spring with smiles and lifted spirits, others heave a sigh of dread and lay in a supply of decongestants. Spring is allergy season, but with today’s technology, it doesn’t have to be unbearable. A study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology found that ultraviolet lamps were particularly effective in eliminating fungal allergens from the home.

Allergens in the Home

The allergens that appear in your Alpharetta home appear when the weather turns damp in the spring. They most often enter the home through your air-conditioning system. Once they are in your A/C system, the airborne fungi, bacteria and mold find a moist and hospitable environment to set up shop. The allergens spread and grow on the coils and filters of your unit. Such growth results not only in less efficient airflow - and thus greater energy use - but also in higher levels of airborne micro-organisms in your home. Higher levels of mold and fungus in the air can trigger allergies or make existing allergies more severe.

Eliminating Allergens

Even if you suspect that you have this type of growth in your HVAC system, don’t despair. There are remedies available to eliminate allergens and restore health to your home. One solution to this particular air-quality problem is the installation of an ultraviolet lamp kit in your HVAC system. These germicidal lamps destroy mold and bacteria by exposing them to ultraviolet radiation over a length of time. The important factors in killing allergens with ultraviolet light are the intensity of the light and the length of exposure to the light.

A professional service, such as Casteel, can advise you on the pros and cons of the different brands and types of ultraviolet lamps out there. Casteel’s service pros can also install your ultraviolet lamp kit quickly and efficiently, so you can breathe easier and actually look forward to spring.