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Can Your Home's Breaker Panel Handle More Electrical Outlets?

Can Your Home's Breaker Panel Handle More Electrical Outlets?

When you look around your house, you may wonder how your family acquired so many electrical devices. Between tablets, powerful phones, video game consoles and even electric automobiles, there has never been a need for so many outlets. An overload of power demands on a particular circuit will cause that circuit to trip. Rather than adding power strips, you may need new outlets, which could create the need for a new breaker panel. Here are your options when you need more electrical outlets.

Electrical Outlets and Panels

If you hope to add more outlets to certain rooms in your home, it is important to consider how much particular circuits can handle. Tripped circuits and blown fuses indicate you are pushing for too much power out of one area of your home. Fuses blow and circuits trip as a safety mechanism.

In other words, adding a power strip or extension cord will not solve the underlying problem. Any new outlet will still have to draw on power from that circuit in your home’s main electrical panel, which will lead to more circuits tripping. Upgrading your home’s overall power capability may be your best option.

When Your Home Needs a New Breaker Panel

If you call an electrician about adding outlets to rooms in your home, a professional will look at your home’s overall power capabilities. Think of whether you have noticed lights dimming or have heard a buzzing sound from electrical equipment in addition to blown fuses or tripped circuits. These are some of the telltale signs you need a new electrical panel in your home. While many homes were built with a standard of 100 amps in the electrical panel, homes running on central air may need a panel with as many as 200 amps.

Older homes in Buford and neighboring areas may also have ungrounded electrical outlets that require adapters when using three-prong plugs. To upgrade your home and have all outlets grounded, an electrician will need to do extensive rewiring, which is more time consuming but in the end creates a safer home for you and your family.

Electrical work is difficult and, in the case of breaker panel work, quite dangerous for homeowners to attempt. If you need more outlets, let Casteel’s expert electricians look over your home and advise you on the best course of action.​