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Generator Installation: Get in the Know

Generator Installation: Get in the Know

Professional generator installation is a must if you’re looking to add a backup power source to your home. A whole-house standby generator offers Marietta homeowners the best of the best in terms of a reliable, durable backup power supply for times when storms knock out the power or summer brownouts occur. Because of the inherent fire hazards that occur when working with electrical components, you should hire an electrician to do the job.

Generator Benefits

Whole-house generators offer unique advantages that portable generators don’t. They’re “always on,” so you don’t have to be home to hook them up. They can power multiple home systems, ensuring that you can run your A/C without sacrificing electricity in the rest of the home. They’re also safer, and you won’t have to deal with hazardous fuel. If you’re using a portable device, following proper storage and usage guidelines is a must to avoid inhaling fumes and the risk of fire.

Generator Installation

Professional installation of the generator ensures that the system is safe to operate and maintains the unit’s warranty. When you hire a professional electrician to do the install, here’s what you can expect:

  • First, the electrician will ensure that you have all the necessary equipment and the generator is the right size, and he will pull local permits.
  • Next, the installer will connect the system to the home’s gas line. This step may require working in tandem with a gas line installation company.
  • As part of the generator installation, the electrician will connect the transfer switch. This important component ensures optimal safety and reliability. It senses when the power goes out in your home and immediately routes generator power through the home’s electrical panel. It also prevents backfeeding, a process whereby excess power from outside of the home runs through the home, causing damage to the generator and even fire.

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