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Outdoor Lighting Options to Boost Security

Outdoor Lighting Options to Boost Security

Outdoor lighting is a must if you want to increase the security of your Roswell home, deter thieves and vandals and brighten your entryways. You should always work with an electrician to make sure it’s installed safely. Review the options for exterior lighting and make a decision that best suits your budget and your home’s aesthetics.


The primary options from which you can choose include the following:

  • Continuous lighting: Also called dusk-to-dawn lights, these lights turn on at dusk and then shut down in the early morning. While they provide continuous light throughout the night, they’re also a huge energy consumer. If you like the idea of continuous lights, you can opt for solar-powered ones or low-voltage lights to cut down on energy bills.
  • Motion-sensing lights: This options helps save on energy bills because the lights only come on when they detect motion. These are ideal lights to deter thieves, as intruders will be caught by surprise when the lights turn on and leave the house to avoid being seen.
  • Timed motion lights: Choosing this option gives you the best of both worlds. Motion detectors can come on even during the day, wasting valuable service life and energy dollars. With a timed device, you can set the motion lights to come on at night, when they’re most useful.

When choosing exterior lighting, some of the factors to consider include how you will control the lights (by a switch or remote), the cost of bulb replacements, if the wattage of the bulb is strong enough to light the intended area, and if the radius of the light will reach far enough. Some of the ideal areas to install lights that will help secure your home include above the garage door to brighten up the driveway, over a patio or porch, by walkways and at the home’s corners. Always provide lighting for doorways, too.


Hiring an electrician to install the outdoor lighting will secure these benefits:

  • Expert wiring capabilities.
  • Safety.
  • Knowledgeable advice about where it’s best to install and how to position the lights.
  • Recourse should something go wrong with the lights. You can call the electrician back to make repairs and adjustments.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the lights will work correctly.

For help with outdoor lighting installation, contact Casteel today! We’re here to help you with electrical, plumbing and HVAC services.