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Tips for Burst Pipes Cleanup

Tips for Burst Pipes Cleanup

Imagine coming home from a day out with the family - perhaps you were at an Atlanta Braves game or a park in Alpharetta - opening the door and finding your home flooded, as water pours from a broken pipe. A burst pipe is not a pretty thing and can cause a lot of damage to your home, fixtures and furniture. Follow these tips for burst pipes cleanup to help minimize the extent of the damage to your home and belongings.

Find the Main Water Supply

In the event of such a plumbing emergency, your first instinct may be to call a plumber - and that is the absolute right call. But before you even pick up the phone, locate the main water supply to your house. Often located in the basement of your home or outside near an exterior door, the water supply controls the flow of water into the house from the city supply or your well, if you don’t have a municipal hookup. When you find it, turn it off. This will prevent more water from coming in and lessen the burst pipes cleanup that will follow.

Switch Off the Power and Call for Help

The next thing you need to do is locate the main breaker or fuse box for your home and switch off the electrical supply. Note that if you have any reason to suspect that the water level may have already reached a non-GFCI outlet (ground-fault circuit interrupter, which cuts the circuit automatically when it detects water), grab a flashlight and kill the power before walking into any water. Switching off the power will help prevent damage to your home’s power circuit, as well as any electrical appliances that may have been inundated.

At this point, call a plumbing professional, and let him know what happened. Aftwards, go through the house and make sure to turn off any faucets or spigots, ensuring they are closed. Switching off and unplugging any appliances that may have been on at the time of the flooding is also a good idea, as is turning off the light switches in affected areas. It may be worthwhile to contact an electrician, as well, if you believe any electrical damage as been done. Once you’ve taken these steps, the water will likely begin to recede and your burst pipes cleanup can begin when the plumber arrives. At Casteel, we’re always here to help with any burst pipe problems you have.