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Whole-Home Surge Protectors Drive Safety During Storms

Whole-Home Surge Protectors Drive Safety During Storms

Seeking shelter during lightning storms is wise, but your home electronics are at risk inside the home - unless you install whole-home surge protectors. These nifty devices install at the point where electricity enters your home, preventing surges from lightning strikes, utility work and more from moving through your Buckhead home’s electricity lines and damaging your electronics.

You’ve invested perhaps thousands of dollars in your home’s electronics and appliances. In fact, any device that uses electricity is at risk of damage if a surge occurs. This can include your HVAC system, TVs, computers, and other appliances. With whole-home surge protectors, you can safeguard electrical access to your home and protect your electronic devices.

Whole-House Protection

Only equipment that’s plugged into a surge protector is safe from damage during a power surge. But it’s not always possible or aesthetically feasible to use a plug-in protector. Without a protective barrier, sensitive, costly microprocessors in various equipment, from microwaves and air conditioners to TVs and computers, are at the mercy of electrical surges. A lightning strike can irreparably damage the processor. It’s often not possible to repair the microprocessors, nor is it cost effective to do so. If equipment is damaged, you’ll be facing a costly replacement. During a storm, whole-house devices offer ideal protection.

When a lightning storm arrives on the scene, you can rest easy, knowing your whole-home surge protector is on duty. You’ll benefit from

  • Cost savings, as you won’t have to replace electronics and appliances
  • Peace of mind, as the device acts as type of insurance against damage

Don’t Stop There

Experts advise homeowners with whole-house surge protectors to continue using plug-in protectors where possible. The plug-in strips protect electronics from surges that occur inside the home, for example, when the air conditioner cycles on and off. The whole-house protector regulates surges that originate from outside the home.

Here’s what else you can do during a storm:

  • Unplug electronics and appliances if possible.
  • Protect circuit boards to appliances like the dishwasher and stove, fridge, A/C and furnace by flipping off the breakers.

Casteel is happy to help our customers with surge protection installation, as well as other electrical services, including maintenance plans and repairs. Just give us a call today!