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Your Electrical Panel: A Quiet but Critical Home System

Your Electrical Panel: A Quiet but Critical Home System

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in your home, and your electrical panel is one of those components that works around the clock to give you seamless, reliable access to electricity. Let’s explore the basics of how it works. This knowledge will assist you in determining when to call an electrician to your northern Atlanta home for help.

The Basics

The electrical panel controls the home’s main power supply. When the home was built, installers brought electrical from the city’s main source and routed it into your home through the panel. Let’s review the panel’s main components.

  • Find the electrical panel, usually located in the basement or garage.
  • Open the panel door, and you’ll see a number of circuit breakers.
  • Each black breaker wires the power to a section of your home.
  • The breakers have a level that switches the entire section on or off.
  • There will also be one central level that controls power to the entire home. This is the main breaker.
  • In most cases, the panels are labeled, so homeowners can easily see to which section the breakers connect.

Getting Help

Knowing how the electrical circuit panel works is useful in a number of scenarios.

  • If you overload an outlet or there’s a surge in the lines, you’ll experience a loss of power. Often, rectifying the situation is easy, now that you know a thing or two about the electrical panel. Locate the corresponding circuit breaker on the panel, and firmly switch the lever to the off position, and then to the on position. This should restore power to the outlets.
  • If you’re going to swap out a light fixture or replace an electrical cover, you’ll need to power down one section of the home to safely work with the electrical. In this case, you can shut down power to a specific section of the home or to the entire home, whichever is safest.
  • The entire panel system won’t last forever. Sometimes, breakers blow, homeowners need to upgrade the entire panel, or you may need to add power to an addition. In these cases, it’s best to contact an electrician with the expertise to safely replace fuses and upgrade the panel.

With an expert from Casteel on your side, you can be confident that your electrical panel is in good condition. For help with electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning, turn to the local professionals at Casteel!