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Need to Heat a Two Story Home This Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know

Need to Heat a Two Story Home This Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know

It takes more than a beautiful new HVAC system to heat an entire home in winter. While an old furnace is sometimes the problem, issues with ductwork and other areas of your home could be making upstairs rooms colder than you like. It can happen in older homes in Alpharetta as well as new constructions in Cumming. Here is what you need to heat a two story home correctly this winter.

Causes of Drafty Rooms

A furnace that has reached the end of its useful life could be one cause of the drafty rooms. New HVAC equipment guarantees an efficient source of heating, but problems may arise in delivering that heat. Cold upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms suggest there are issues with insulation or possibly holes in the ductwork. Leaking ducts do not bring the heat coming from your furnace to the intended destination — the bedrooms on the second floor.

Likewise, leaks in your home’s building envelope create discomfort in second-floor rooms. Gaps in insulation allow heated air to escape around the windows of bedrooms while allowing cold air to enter the same rooms. These problems only get worse as time goes on, which forces you to raise the temperature on the thermostat and pay more in heating costs.

Heat a Two Story Home with Confidence

If you are experiencing cold rooms upstairs in your home, a heating contractor will come in to inspect the quality of insulation and the state of your ductwork. Tests can range from a simple check to a full-scale energy audit (the most complete test). The results from these tests will dictate what a heating technician recommends to fix the problems with drafty rooms.

In many cases, the solution is something simple like increasing insulation, a very inexpensive fix. Other solutions involve sealing leaks in ductwork. Eliminating drafts could reduce your energy use by as much as 30 percent, according to HVAC technicians also may recommend installing zone control that allows you to direct heat to specific parts of the house. Only when your furnace is failing will HVAC replacement be on the menu.

Let Casteel technicians show you how to heat a two story home in style this winter. With another long winter expected, minor upgrades could make a huge difference in home comfort.

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