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Your Furnace Air Filter: What You Need to Know

Your Furnace Air Filter: What You Need to Know

One of the best ways to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and your heating costs low is to keep your furnace air filter clean.

A filter that is dirty or has become clogged can prevent air from flowing freely into the furnace. Moreover, a dirty filter can cause unhealthy conditions in your house. Follow these tips to keep to the heat moving smoothly and efficiently through your Buckhead home.

What Kind of Filter Do You Have?

Your furnace air filter is typically located inside the furnace itself or in the length the outside air duct between the intake and furnace. Filters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are actually permanent, washable components that you need to inspect and take out to clean whenever they get dirty. Others are disposable: You just throw them away and replace them with a new filter. Check the manual for your furnace to determine the exact location of the filter. When buying replacements, be sure to use the size and type recommended by the manufacturer.

Dirty Furnace Air Filters

A clogged air filter not only impedes the flow of outside air into your furnace, it may also allow dust to blow into your unit. On gas furnaces, this can result in a dirty burner. Both clogged, inefficient burners and dirty filters may lead to carbon monoxide build-ups in homes with gas furnaces.

During winter, when your furnace runs regularly, you should check your filters every month. Pet owners or those who live in particularly dusty environments should also check their furnace filters about once a month.

If you need advice or have any questions about how to change or clean the furnace air filter in your home, call an HVAC pro. Casteel’s Preventative Maintenance Program is an HVAC maintenance program. Casteel will send its professional technicians to your home. They will regularly inspect all of your HVAC equipment and make sure your furnace filters are clean and that the airflow is in no way impeded. You’ll save money on service and on your energy bills while keeping your family safe and warm this winter.