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Retrieve Jewelry From Down Your Drain Without Getting a Headache

Retrieve Jewelry From Down Your Drain Without Getting a Headache

Most sensible people would retrieve jewelry that’s been lost down the drain - especially expensive jewelry - no matter the cost to one’s pride nor how messy the job was. Many a Buckhead homeowner has had to push up her sleeves and plunge her hand down a drain in the hopes of catching what she just dropped. But there’s no need to give up just yet. There are useful methods to get your valuables back without making too much of a plumbing mess.

Option 1 - Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

Using a vacuum might help you retrieve jewelry without taking too much of your sink apart:

  • First, shut off the water. Running water will only drive the jewelry deeper into the drain.
  • If the drain has a stopper, remove it using a screwdriver. Tuck the head of the screwdriver under the ring and try to pop it out.
  • Get a wet/dry vacuum, and make sure it’s clear of dirt and debris so you can eventually find your jewelry in it. With the vacuum set for wet usage, place the end of the nozzle on top of the drain. Switch the vacuum on and listen for the rattling of your jewelry as it moves through the nozzle.

Option 2 - Check the P-trap

Without a vacuum, you’ll have to get into the piping:

  • Access the P-trap (which looks more like a U-shape) in the cabinet under the sink. Put a towel underneath it to catch water.
  • Identify the two rings that attach the P-trap to the exterior plumbing pipe and the drain. Loosen them both. It’s OK if some water leaks out.
  • Remove the P-trap and shake it gently. If the jewelry in question was trapped at the bottom of the U-shape, it will fall out.
  • If you can see debris inside the trap, the jewelry may have become stuck in it. Clear it out with a screwdriver.
  • Put everything back together.

If these steps don’t lead to the retrieval of your jewelry, call a plumber for help.

As long as drains remain large enough to drop small items down, people will have to deal with this kind of problem. For any of your plumbing needs, the experts at Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are here to serve you.