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High Water Pressure Problems and Solutions

High Water Pressure Problems and Solutions

High water pressure may seem like a good problem to have at first. With an excess of pressure, showers and faucets will deliver a strong flow that allows you to save time on bathing and cleaning. However, pressure that exceeds the recommended 80 pounds per square inch (PSI) has the potential to damage pipes and cause leaks while wasting water. Here is help to test the water pressure in your home and how to fix it when it’s too high.

Effects of Excessive Water Pressure on Pipes

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the standard range of water pressure in a home starts at 40 PSI and tops out at 80 PSI. Anything beyond the high end can cause pipes to spring leaks and eventually burst. In addition, it can make the toilet and sinks of your home leak occasionally, which wastes a great deal of water.

More often than not, your municipal water company is responsible for delivering too much pressure to area homes. Because the city or township must serve everyone from homeowners to firefighters at a hydrant, levels may end up above the recommended pressure. Homeowners in Buckhead can take simple steps to identify and rectify the situation.

Tests and Remedies for High Water Pressure

To run a test of your home’s water pressure, pick up a basic gauge in a hardware store. More complex methods of testing exist, but if your outside hose or an interior sink registers over 80 PSI, then you have a problem that needs addressing.

Plumbers recommend correcting the problems at the water meter at the edge of your property in order to save water for irrigation and any use inside your home. A professional can affix a water pressure regulator to your home’s meter. This device will automatically lower the pressure of water entering pipes on your property, which will protect interior and exterior lines.

In some instances, thermal expansion can create higher pressure even when the correct levels are entering your home at the meter. A plumber may suggest a thermal expansion tank in this case.

There is no point in letting high pressure damage your pipes. Casteel Plumbing will test and remedy any problem you have with low or high water pressure at home.