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Is High Water Pressure Damaging Your Pipes?

Is High Water Pressure Damaging Your Pipes?

When the water pressure in a home gets too high, you may notice a hammering sound when you turn off the water or run the dishwasher. Fluctuations in water pressure - from low to high and back - may also point to problems in your plumbing system. Besides the inconvenience, when water pressure hits unsafely high levels it can damage pipes and waste large amounts of water. Here is how to measure your home’s water pressure and take action when levels are unsafe.

High Water Pressure Management

Home inspectors and contractors generally agree a home’s water pressure should fall between 40 and 80 pounds per square inch (PSI), as InterNACHI notes. Inspectors who find pressure higher or lower than these levels are recommended to call in a professional plumber to rectify the situation before a home changes hands between buyer and seller.

If you have noticed varying levels of water pressure in your home, the easiest way to confirm it is buying a gauge from a hardware store. You’ll know where your pressure stands by connecting the gauge to an outdoor hose and indoor faucet. Any reading over 80 PSI points to dangers in your home’s water pressure. Prolonged high pressure may force pipes to burst in the worst-case scenario, but even moderate pressure issues can waste a good deal of water and money on your utility bills.

Fixing High Water Pressure at Home

Since the water pressure to homes in Atlanta’s northern suburbs is set by local municipalities, you should address the problem by installing a regulator at the water main near the edge of your property. Old regulators that have failed may be causing the pressure problems you are experiencing. If you see an old regulator at the water main, replacing it should be a simple job. On the other hand, installing a new regulator is something best handled by a professional plumber.

Regulators monitor and adjust the water entering your home plumbing so it falls between 40 and 80 PSI. In rare cases, water pressure may still rise even if it enters your home at the right level. Plumbers at that point will suggest a thermal expansion tank to release the pressure. No matter what the cause, a buildup in water pressure can create leaking in pipes, which eventually shortens the life span of plumbing.

There are many problems homeowners can handle, but when you experience repeated problems with high water pressure it’s time to call in a professional. Let Casteel’s plumbing team come in and provide a fast, affordable solution.