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Jacuzzi or Jetted Tub Installation Is Easier With Professional Help

Jacuzzi or Jetted Tub Installation Is Easier With Professional Help

Sometimes a simple bathtub or a shower just doesn’t offer the level of relaxation you desire after a long day or if you need hydrotherapy. If this is the case, you may wish to consider installing a Jacuzzi or jetted tub in your Buckhead or Marietta home. No longer an out-of-reach luxury, tub installation can be done quickly and cleanly with the right professional help. Here are a couple things you should consider before you have your new tub installed.


First, decide where you want the tub to be located. Bathrooms are often tight quarters but also tend to be a logical place for a jetted tub. Moreover, with plumbing already in place in the bathroom, you will save considerable time and money on the installation. On the other hand, if you want the tub installation to occur elsewhere - a bedroom or finished basement, for example - you may have a lot more space to work with, but getting the necessary plumbing to the area will very likely be a more costly undertaking.

Tub Size

Another initial consideration is the Jacuzzi or jetted tub itself. How big is the tub you want, and will it fit where you want to put it? Some tubs are designed to fit smartly in the space of a standard-size bathtub. In other cases, particularly with larger tubs, there may need to be more involved construction work done to the area. Larger tubs, if they’re not installed over concrete or another kind of reinforced floor, typically require additional support. This prevents the tub, when filled, from stressing floor boards and joists. Larger tubs also tend to need framing, not only for aesthetic purposes, but to house the jet system and some of the plumbing necessary for tub operations. Your plumber will be able to advise you about all of these considerations, but it’s important to go into the process knowing what to expect and having a plan in mind.

In many cases, Jacuzzi or jetted tub installation is a much more involved process than simply removing the old tub or shower and installing the replacement. With all that must be considered when adding a new jetted tub, it only makes sense to call a plumbing professional like Casteel to help with the selection, sizing, framing and installation of the new tub. This will keep you relaxed and your home looking beautiful for years to come.