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Lighting Design: Professional Installation or DIY?

Lighting Design: Professional Installation or DIY?

Lighting design can be an important aspect of how your Buford home looks and feels. The wrong light fixtures can give your home a dated appearance. Moreover, poorly placed lighting can make rooms seem smaller or even cramped. Changing light fixtures is a quick, easy and economical way to update your home’s interior. Some fixtures may be relatively easy to swap out or replace, while others may require the help of an experienced, professional electrician.

When to Call a Professional

The first step in any lighting design project is to figure out what you want to accomplish. For example, if you have a room that seems dark or small, you may consider making sure that all the corners are lighted. You can add recessed cans in the ceiling above the dark areas or install wall sconces to bring more light to the room and expand the feel of the room’s space. These types of jobs may be a little more complex because the new fixtures will probably require additional wiring, as well as cutting and patching holes in the wall - or walls - of the room. In cases like this, you should contact a professional electrician to safely install your new lighting.

DIY Projects

You may be happy with placement of your home’s lighting but feel the fixtures themselves are out of date or no longer suit your taste. If you have some electrical experience and the correct tools, swapping out dated fixtures can be a quick and pretty simple DIY project - if you live in a fairly modern home. If you’re changing light fixtures yourself, the most important thing to remember is to cut the power to the room you’re working in. But even this is not enough. After you’ve flipped the appropriate breaker, use a non-contact voltage detector - you won’t need to touch bare wires with this device - to determine if the wires you’re working with are still carrying a current. Even though you’ve turned off the breaker to the circuit, some of the wires in the junction box may still be live.

If your home is older or you live in an older Atlanta area, like Inman Park, you may have antiquated wiring and fixtures that you should not try to work with without professional help. Only experienced electricians should attempt to work with the aluminum wiring or porcelain/ceramic fixtures still found in many old homes.

Whether it’s a simple fixture change or a more involved lighting design project, the results will go a long way to making your home look and feel the way you want it to - without shocking your wallet. Call a Casteel electrician for more information about your lighting design project.