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Outdoor Lighting Benefits and Options

Outdoor Lighting Benefits and Options

Outdoor lighting performs a number of duties by enhancing your Marietta home’s visual appeal at night and increasing security. Find out how you could benefit from installing outdoor lights and why you should get expert help to do so.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Installing permanent outdoor lights offers homeowners a number of unique benefits. For example, you’ll be safer. When you return to your home at night and try to find your way to the front door without lights, your safety decreases. With lighting, you can spotlight the driveway and entryways to illuminate the path and deter thieves.

You’ll also enjoy outdoor spaces. With outdoor lights enhancing patios and decks, you can spend time with friends and family outdoors late into the evening.

Additionally, you’ll enhance the home’s aesthetic. With strategic lighting, such as up lights, down lights, back lights or path lights, you can accentuate your home’s unique features, create striking silhouettes and illuminate pathways.

Choosing Lighting

If you currently don’t have any outdoor lighting around your home, now’s the time to add some. Create a strategic plan for lighting to enhance safety and increase comfort.

  • Up lights are installed on the ground, and they point up to create a focal point. You can use up lights to put a spot light on features such as landscaping, trees or architecture.
  • Down lights are installed high and point downward to simulate natural lighting that the moon would create. You can also use down lights as a security feature installed above doorways or garages.
  • Back lights are usually installed in such a way as to highlight an object. For example, spot lights or in-ground lights illuminate artwork or landscaping.
  • Other lights to consider include lights for pathways or mood lighting.

For best results, consider hiring an expert electrician to ensure that you select outdoor lighting with the right voltage to suit the installation. An expert will properly wire the lights on the outside of your home. Casteel Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing is happy to help. Our reputable electricians hold expertise in wiring both security and aesthetic lighting for new installations or repairs.