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Tips for Throwing Out Old Sink and Toilet Fixtures During a Renovation

Tips for Throwing Out Old Sink and Toilet Fixtures During a Renovation

Replacing an old toilet with a new, efficient model makes sense on multiple levels. Saving area resources and water expenses are instant benefits, and attractive new styles can improve the look of bathrooms in your home. Incentives up to $100 per toilet are even available through northern Georgia water departments when you buy a water-saving model. However, throwing out old sink and toilet fixtures may present a disposal problem. Here are some tips on how to handle this issue.

Information on Incentives and Disposal

The water departments of local towns such as Marietta offer a $100 credit for high-volume toilets you replace with a low-flush (maximum 1.28 gallons) toilets. The number of toilet rebates allowed varies by county. Programs like these have saved the county millions of gallons of water per day - water that would have been taken from local water sources. Gwinnett County alone was saving over 200,000 gallons of water per day after beginning a program to eliminate water-wasting models a few years ago.

To find out about your county’s policy with incentives, contact the water department or check their website for the latest information. If there is no mention of disposing of a sink or toilet at the same time, contact the public works department. In many cases, curbside pickup will not be available. You may have the opportunity to drop off a toilet or sink for recycling, but fees may apply.

Avoiding Fees

Another option is donating old sinks or toilets to local organizations. Habitat for Humanity runs a program called ReStore that accepts household material donations that are used in their rebuilding efforts. There are store locations in downtown Atlanta and on Marietta Road in Canton. Call ahead to find out if it is possible to donate your toilet or sink.

Because low-flush toilets may save hundreds of gallons of water per day depending on usage, it may sound counterintuitive to donate one for reuse. However, it is possible to place objects inside the toilet tank to reduce water volumes for every flush. The ideal scenario is finding a local recycling program so that the porcelain may be turned into gravel for driveways or used as a component to pave area roadways. Even when there is a fee to recycle objects during a home renovation, the incentives available often equal the costs.

Throwing out old sink and toilet models may be a minor hassle, but the water savings help lower your utility bills and conserve community resources while you upgrade your bathroom. Let Casteel Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing handle your bathroom renovation for you.