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A Guide to Smoke Detector Safety and Keeping Your Home up to Code

A Guide to Smoke Detector Safety and Keeping Your Home up to Code

A smoke detector is the last line of defense when you need to wake up and survive a fire. So why are there so many homes that do not have working smoke alarms installed? In addition to the danger involved, Georgia homes are in violation of the fire code when there are no smoke alarms. In fact, regulations require multiple alarms inside homes with several floors and long hallways. Here is help to keep your family safe from fires and to understand the building code.

Complying With Fire Codes

According to the U.S Fire Administration (USFA), fire codes in Georgia require one smoke alarm on every floor except attics or crawlspaces. In addition, homes with multiple floors must have one smoke alarm at the top of the stairs and another centrally located at a point between rooms down a hallway. This system allows for detectors to alert any occupants sleeping in bedrooms if a fire occurs.

In case there is still anyone who is not convinced, the USFA has alarming statistics that illustrate how useful smoke alarms are. About two-thirds of fire deaths occur in homes where there is no smoke alarm or in homes where a smoke alarm was present but not working. Homes in Buford and other areas that have both sprinkler systems and fire detectors reduce the risk of death by fire by 82 percent. Owners of any home found to be without the proper smoke alarms are subject to fines.

Tips on Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance

Once you know the fire code with respect to smoke alarms, you should consider the best system for your particular home. Whether you want to connect smoke alarms to your home security system, install stand-alone devices or upgrade batteries to the type that last longer, Casteel electricians can help.

There are batteries that last as long as seven years. If you want to put the worry of your batteries failing out of your mind for even longer, you can have your detector hardwired into your home’s electric. In any event, test your smoke alarms every month. Change the batteries twice a year if you are using the standard kind. Annual cleanings are also recommended.

Casteel electricians will get your home safe and up to code so your family can sleep easy at night. A smoke detector is always your best weapon in the fight against home fires.