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A Whole-Home Humidification System Can Be Good for Your Home

A Whole-Home Humidification System Can Be Good for Your Home

While you have probably seen benefits of humidification devices in single rooms, you may be surprised at the effects a whole-house system could have. Everything from the irritation caused by dry winter air to the dampness of a Roswell summer will create issues with home comfort. An advanced whole-home humidification system monitors the effects of the weather in different seasons to maintain optimal moisture levels throughout the year. Here is how humidification control can make your home a better place to live.

Combating Problems With Air Quality

The influx of dry winter air is enough to irritate nasal passages and create problems breathing for everyone in your home. Even when the air outside is humid, HVAC systems convert cold air into heat with low humidity levels, according to Aprilaire. In addition, low humidity creates the sensation that the air is colder. This usually makes homeowners raise the temperature on the thermostat, which wastes energy. Humidifiers in separate rooms are only stopgap measures.

A whole-home humidification system can respond to fluctuations in humidity levels. It brings in more moisture when dryness prevails and removes moisture when the humid Georgia summers arrive. Humidity levels that remain abnormal in different seasons can create comfort problems, force you to waste energy and damage wood inside your home. Installing humidification control inside your HVAC system allows you the luxury of automatic monitoring. Instead of worrying about adjusting different devices in each room, you let the system do the work for the whole house.

A Home Humidification System for Any Season

While the discomfort of dry air reigns in homes without humidity control in the winter, the unpleasantness of summers in Roswell may be worse when high humidity prevails. Excess moisture can make you start sweating even when the temperatures aren’t overwhelming. Furthermore, dampness can contribute to the growth of mildew and mold along with a generally unpleasant odor. There is nothing positive about high humidity levels.

Dehumidification systems added to a home’s ductwork can help you keep moisture levels low when you are cooling your home. This allows you to maintain the proper temperature (78°F) in the hottest months. Every degree you lower the temperature on a thermostat creates an increase of about one percent in energy costs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Homes with humidity levels that are too high or too low can cause health problems along with physical damage and excessive energy costs. Let Casteel’s pros provide you with the ideal whole-home humidification system to solve indoor air problems.