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Freon Replacement Guidelines

Freon Replacement Guidelines

Refrigerants used in heating and cooling systems across the nation employ a form of Freon. Freon replacement is often necessary when the A/C system leaks or the unit is damaged. With regular maintenance, Roswell homeowners can be assured that their systems will run with enough refrigerant and minimize the need for Freon replacements.

What Is It?

Refrigerant is a liquid that is necessary to the workings of a cooling unit. It circulates through the cooling system, absorbing heat from inside the home. The heat is then released or expelled as the refrigerant travels to the outdoor unit.

The Problem With Low Refrigerant Levels

Too little refrigerant running through the system causes significant problems. Namely, when the A/C operates with refrigerant at a level lower than the manufacturer recommends, its capacity to cool drops and so does its life span. According to a study by Purdue University, a system charged with 25 percent less refrigerant that recommended caused a decrease in its efficiency by 16 percent while increasing the system’s operating cost by $100 for every ton of cooling.

What Causes Refrigerant Levels to Change?

Wear and tear can cause a refrigerant line to leak, as can a vandal who damages the system. Failing to maintain the A/C can cause a host of problems, including putting stress on the refrigerant lines. Regardless of the cause, leaking refrigerant lines require immediate attention - not only because of the cost to efficiency. Leaking Freon is hazardous to the environment because it contributes to ozone depletion.

Maintenance Schedule

Under ideal conditions, you should never have to charge your system with more refrigerant. However, as with other mechanical systems known to fail, you should have your A/C checked every year. During the tuneup, the technician will check the refrigerant levels and inspect the lines to ensure that the charge meets manufacturer’s specifications and that the lines don’t leak. The technician will also conduct a full-scale inspection of all the other components.

Call Casteel Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing for maintenance. We offer free Freon replacement. If your system leaks, we’ll charge it with Freon for free when you hire us to repair the system. If you opt for a replacement system, you’ll still get free Freon with the purchase.

For more information about maintaining your air conditioner, or any other home cooling need, contact Casteel today!