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Is a Ceiling Fan Right for Your Home?

Is a Ceiling Fan Right for Your Home?

A ceiling fan is a common fixture in many homes, and you may be considering putting one into your own Buckhead house. But before installing one - unless it’s for purely aesthetic reasons - take some time to look at what you want to accomplish with a fan. Are you trying to keep your house warmer or cooler? Do you hope to save money on your electric bill? A fan may be able to help with these goals depending on how it’s installed.

How Does Your Ceiling Fan Turn?

Ceiling fans don’t actually heat or cool your home. They just move air. The direction of your fan’s blade - clockwise or counterclockwise - determines the direction in which the air is being moved. A counterclockwise rotation creates a downdraft. The air movement causes evaporation, which has a cooling effect on the body. If your goal for a ceiling fan is to cool a room, a counterclockwise rotation is the way to go.

If your home tends to be a little cooler in winter months - especially if you have high ceilings - you can use a fan rotating clockwise to create an updraft. Cooler air will move up toward the ceiling, which will force warm air down and distribute it more evenly throughout the room. Ceiling fans on a second story can help to better distribute warm air throughout your entire house. Vent location, however, will affect how well a fan moves warm air within your home.

Do Ceiling Fans Save Money?

Using a ceiling fan can, theoretically, save money on your energy bills. During warm months in the Atlanta area, you can use the fans instead of air conditioning to keep your house cool. In the summer, when it can be extremely hot, ceiling fans can help you feel cooler in higher temperatures.

Basically, any time a ceiling fan can help you keep your thermostat set a little higher in the summer or a little lower in the winter, you will likely see a decrease in your heating and cooling costs. However, if you run ceiling fans without changing your thermostat level, you could spend more money due to the electricity used in operating the fans. Keep costs down by turning off ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms.

Contact a Casteel to see whether a ceiling fan is right for your home. Their professionals can work with you on style, type and placement so that the fan does what you want it to do and saves money in the process.