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Why a P-trap Is Important in Your Home Plumbing

Why a P-trap Is Important in Your Home Plumbing

Take a glance underneath the sink in any bathroom or kitchen at home, and you will likely find a P-shaped pipe. This type of plumbing, called a P-trap, serves many purposes in your plumbing system and has the potential to get you out of a major jam. Here is how this type of pipe works.

Old-fashioned Functionality

The piping below your sinks needs a drain that goes outside the room. Your sink also needs protection against sewer gases that can seep back into your Marietta home through its drains. A P-shaped pipe serves both of these purposes. First, it offers a connection for two pipes that meet at an angle of 90 degrees. Instead of creating a direct link, the P-trap’s curved formation allows debris to stay in the upper part of your pipes. If it washed down into your main plumbing system, blockages would be common.

On top of containing debris, this pipe shape offers protection against sewer gases. Water stays within the piping near the bathroom or kitchen drain to shield against toxic gases that could otherwise enter the air in your home. These gases often smell terrible, cause difficulty breathing and may even nauseate you and your family. This simple, functional type of plumbing typically allows you to avoid these issues.

Ease of Use With a P-trap

Another great aspect of this type of trap in your plumbing is its simplicity for installation and repairs. Homeowners who are comfortable handling simple plumbing repairs may be able to replace corroded pipes or perform other basic fixes. If you have a leak you cannot repair, it is easy to put a bucket below the piping under a sink until a plumber can come to fix it.

One common problem that homeowners face is dropping rings down the sink in your home. Your spouse may not be very happy to learn you have lost the wedding band that was supposed to be forever. When you have a P-trap underneath one of your home’s sinks, you can feel safe that the ring is still within the piping. Call a plumber to get you out of this jam before your spouse has a chance to get angry.

Casteel can help you avoid any common plumbing problems at home. Whether you are concerned about sewer gases or need your wedding ring back fast, no job is too big or small for immediate service.