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Five Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Five Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

You see it in movies and on television. Perhaps you’ve even done it yourself. Many homeowners in Marietta use their toilet as an easy receptacle for unwanted items that are not typical human waste. However, if you flush things that your toilet and plumbing are not designed to handle, you could cause some pretty pricey damage. Even if the items successfully flush down the toilet, you could be harming your septic system, the sewer and the environment.

Two-Ply Toilet Paper

Though it may be softer on skin, two-ply toilet tissue is much rougher on plumbing and septic systems. Two-ply takes twice as long to break down as single-ply tissue does. The enzymes and bacteria that are present in sewer and septic systems work to break down material over time. The more tissue there is to break down, the greater the risk that the enzymes and bacteria will not keep pace. This can lead to a backup or to a septic tank that requires frequent emptying. Stick with single-ply papers.


Alive or dead, fish are often considered fair game for the circular graveyard. In the case of live fish, there is the cruelty of live chemical breakdown to be considered. Moreover, if the fish survives and makes it to the sewer, you could be introducing a non-native species into the waters of Marietta.

From a plumbing perspective, fish, hamsters and other small pets - whether dead or alive - can clog pipes, strain septic systems and damage city sewers. The compost pile or a backyard burial are far better options.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is usually not biodegradable, so it will just sit in a septic tank or sewer. It may even be discharged back into the water supply. Like hair, floss can snarl and clog pipes if you flush down enough of it.


You know those convenient wipes that are made for babies, bathrooms or general cleaning? They are not safely flushable. Because they don’t degrade in water, wipes that are flushed can clog your pipes and septic tank. They can also clog the sewer system.

Cotton Balls

Even though they seem light, fluffy and natural, cotton balls do not biodegrade quickly enough to flush down safely. They can get stuck in pipe bends and cause a clog.

If you’ve flushed something that you shouldn’t have, you may notice that your toilet isn’t working as quickly or efficiently as before. Backups and even overflows may result. When this happens, call a professional service such as Casteel’s team of plumbing pros.