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Planning to Repipe Your Home? Five Tips for Doing It Right

Planning to Repipe Your Home? Five Tips for Doing It Right

Many homeowners in Buckhead have a wish list of renovation projects they would like to complete. Some of these projects are for convenience or for cosmetic reasons. Other projects are more urgent. One project you may consider is repiping your home. Whether you are replacing galvanized pipes that have rusted, polybutylene pipes set to burst or copper pipes that have pinhole leaks, any effort to repipe your home should be done right the first time. Here are five tips for success.

Be Prepared to Open Pandora’s Box

Once you and a plumbing contractor begin opening parts of your home, you may discover corroded pipes, outdated piping or other hidden problems. Keep an open mind during repiping or any other type of remodeling work you begin. After all, you’re discovering and fixing issues before they cause major problems; that’s a good thing.

Learn the Lesson About Slab Leaks

Homeowners often consider repiping when leaks are discovered underneath the concrete slab foundation. Copper pipes that have been laid there may corrode due to contact with the soil on which the house rests. Pinholes form in the piping through a process known as electrolysis, and leaks occur. If you plan to repipe your home, running new copper piping in the same spot as the old piping is a bad idea. Opt for a different type of pipe, or reroute the pipes through the walls and ceiling.

If You Discover Polybutylene, It’s Time to Repipe

Polybutylene piping is a type of plastic piping that was installed in homes throughout the 1980s and 90s. Unfortunately, this type of pipe is now notorious for bursting. Casteel plumbing crews have helped countless homeowners who have learned about polybutylene piping the hard way. If you see this type of piping during your renovations, talk to a plumber about repiping as soon as possible.

PVC Piping Is Affordable and Durable

Repiping with copper may be costly. You can save money by opting for PVC piping instead. This type of plastic is durable, long-lasting and perfect for a laundry room, underground irrigation lines or other area of the home.

Always Choose Licensed and Insured Plumbers

You take huge risks when you hire an amateur to repipe your home. Even nonprofessional workers who have experience are usually uninsured. This makes hiring them a risky move. Only work with licensed and insured plumbers when you renovate your home’s water lines.

Repiping a home is a job that can save you money and prevent major damages down the road. Let Casteel walk you through the process when you’re ready to proceed.