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Proper Attic Ventilation Is Key to a Healthy Home

Proper Attic Ventilation Is Key to a Healthy Home

Good attic ventilation affects the health of your entire Marietta home, and you could be at risk for costly repairs in the future if ventilation is anything less than ideal.

Even if you have no clue what kind of ventilation system is at work in your attic, you directly benefit from having a good one. Ventilation in the attic leads to a number of perks:

  • Longer-lasting roof shingles
  • Lower temperatures in the attic
  • Lower energy costs

How Ventilation Works

The theory behind attic ventilation systems lies in the knowledge that heat rises. Heat rises up through your home, culminating in the attic. Temperatures in this part of the house can get dangerously high, especially in summer when the Georgia weather is consistently hot and humid for long periods. Trapped heat and moisture wreak havoc in the attic. If mold and mildew grow, they damage the wood structure. Heat and humidity affect the durability of attic shingles and raise the temperature of the living spaces below it. With a ventilation system in place, hot air and moisture are displaced by relatively cooler air, and the space becomes instantly healthier.

Ventilation Systems

Most experts recommend employing ridge and soffit ventilation in the attic. Here’s how it works:

  • Vents are installed on the attic ridge or at the peak.
  • Additional vents are installed on the soffit - or the edges of the roof as it extends out and over the home’s structure.
  • The natural flow of air through the vents encourages circulation.

This ventilation system purges the hotter air and replaces it with air that’s considerably cooler and less moist, which results in a healthier space where it’s harder for mold to grow and easier to control cooling costs.

If you’d like help evaluating the right kind of ventilation for your attic, contact Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today! We’re happy to help our Buford neighbors with energy-efficient cooling and heating services.