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The Right Garbage Disposal Maintenance Helps the Appliance Last

The Right Garbage Disposal Maintenance Helps the Appliance Last

With a garbage disposal, you can easily take care of food waste while working in the kitchen of your Roswell home. The disposal also limits the waste you throw into the garbage, which cuts down on bad smells in the trash can. Using a disposal prevents common clogs in sinks, too. Without a disposal, food chunks go down the drain, only to build up and eventually block drainage. Good garbage disposal maintenance will help the appliances last.

Install It

Installing the garbage disposal requires a little bit of time and elbow grease. Homeowners with electrical know-how will be able to install the unit themselves. However, if you don’t have the skills to connect the disposal’s wiring, you’ll need to call a pro to do the job.

First, shut of the water. Then, disassemble the mounting assembly under the sink so that it hangs a bit and leaves the sink drain bottom empty. Be sure to clear away any old sealant that remains around the gasket before you create a new seal under the gasket and flange. Now you’re ready to attach the mounting assembly for the disposal. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to connect the electrical wires and plumbing.

Use It

You’ll keep your disposal running smoothly for a long time by following these usage guidelines:

  • Turn on the cold water. Always run the cold water when the disposal is running.
  • Flip the switch to power up the disposal.
  • Push small amounts of food into the drain. Never put your hand down into the disposal. Use a rubber tool or wooden spoon to push the food to the edge of the drain, but let the water carry the food down into the disposal.
  • Wait until you hear the disposal clear. Shut it off, and let the water run a bit longer.
  • Turn off the water.

Maintain It

Garbage disposal maintenance is easy to do. With the cold water running, pour several cups of ice into the disposal along with rock salt and baking soda. Then, run the disposal. The salt helps to scour the walls of the disposal and removing debris. The ice sharpens the blades and flushes the appliance. The baking soda rids the system of odors. Perform this cleaning ritual whenever you notice odors in the disposal. Every week or so, you should also cut up a lemon and push it through the disposal.

It’s important to know what not to put down the drain so you can keep the system running well. Here are some foods that should not go in the disposal:

  • Hard meat bones
  • Fruit pits
  • Stringy foods such as banana peels and celery
  • Foods that expand, including rice or potatoes

If you need advice about garbage disposal maintenance or any other plumbing issue, contact Casteel Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today!