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5 Electrical Safety Concerns When Remodeling Home Features

5 Electrical Safety Concerns When Remodeling Home Features

Remodeling projects are exciting because you know a better home awaits you once the work is done. But before you start even the smallest renovation on your home, there are several electrical safety concerns that need to be addressed. Be aware of these five danger areas when a remodeling home project gets underway.

1. Ungrounded Outlets

There are still many homes in Marietta and neighboring towns that do not have grounded electrical outlets. For an example of what an ungrounded outlet looks like, look for receptacles in your home with two prongs (rather than three). Ungrounded outlets shock people much more frequently than the grounded variety, so take care even if you’re doing a renovation project as simple as painting a room. Rewiring by a professional electrician will ground your home’s outlets and make them suitable for three-pronged plugs.

2. Insecure Connections

If you are considering the addition of a ceiling fan (which can ease the burden of HVAC equipment and save energy) or another small upgrade, there is some wiring that must be connected through a hole in your ceiling. This job should be handled by a professional so you can be sure there are no electrical safety concerns for you or your family once the ceiling fan is installed.

3. Breaker Panel Issues

When you add on a room during a remodeling project, you are going to need more electrical capacity in the house. This upgrade usually involves a larger breaker panel to handle the additional devices and appliances you’ll be adding to your home. With a home running central air, you may need to upgrade to a breaker panel that can handle 200 amps in the home’s new configuration.

4. Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuits

During renovations, you may notice blown fuses in your home’s fuse box or come across tripped circuits as you power on drills and other remodeling tools. These signs point to overloaded circuits or rooms with too many devices plugged into the outlets. Resetting the circuit should solve the problem, but if the box does not respond to the first try, you may have a fire hazard on your hands. Instead of trying to reset the circuit box again and potentially start a fire, call for professional help.

5. Oven and Water Heater Issues

Adding a new electric oven, hot tub or water heater to your home will increase the need for more power, but it will also require wiring to make sure your house stays up to code. Having an electrician handle this work will keep you safe during a remodeling home project and guarantee the work gets done faster so you can enjoy your renovation in style.

There is no need to put yourself in danger when remodeling. Let Casteel technicians handle HVAC and other home renovations so the electrical work is done securely.