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Benefits of Dimmer Switches - Other Than Being Very Cool

Benefits of Dimmer Switches - Other Than Being Very Cool

Lighting accounts for a healthy chunk of your monthly energy bill. Reducing the amount of electricity that goes toward your lights will not only help to lower your household expenses, but can also increase the useful lives of bulbs and fixtures in your home. Dimmer switches are an excellent way to control the amount of power you use for lighting. The benefits of dimmer switches are many and generally outweigh the cost of installing them in your house.

Energy Savings

The way a dimmer switch works is by adjusting the flow of the voltage to a light fixture. As the voltage increases or decreases, lights will grow brighter or become more dim. Thus, one of the benefits of dimmer switches comes from the way they are designed to work: Dimmer lights use less electricity. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit around in the dark to save on your power bill. Simply decreasing the light levels in some areas can save you money. Combining dimmer switches with fluorescent lighting can result in even greater savings.

Bulb and Fixture Life

Another benefit of dimmer switches is increased longevity for both bulbs and fixtures. By decreasing the amount of voltage going to a bulb or fixture, you also decrease the rate at which it is used up. Unfortunately, this only works with incandescent bulbs. Combining fluorescent bulbs with dimmer switches will certainly save you money on your electric bills. However, despite the energy savings, the life of a fluorescent bulb won’t be increased simply by hooking it up to a dimmer. Therefore, you may as well find CFLs that appeal to your aesthetic.

Call a professional electrician about installing dimmer switches in your home. Typically, dimmers use the same wiring as traditional switches: It is just a matter of changing out the panels and replacing them with the new dimmers. In the Atlanta area, Casteel has a team of electrical professionals more than willing to discuss options for installing dimmer switches in your house. Dimmers will help you save on electricity while allowing you to set a mood in your home.