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Got Dead Outlets? How They Point to Larger Electrical Problems in Your Home

Got Dead Outlets? How They Point to Larger Electrical Problems in Your Home

Unless you are an electrician, most problems with electrical wiring and damaged wall sockets should be left alone. On the surface, nonworking light switches and dead outlets can appear to be minor issues, but there are many dangers when trying to handle the job on your own.

Here are ways damaged outlets can point to bigger problems in your home’s electrical system.

Checking Circuit Breakers and Fuses

You will know an outlet is not working if you try multiple appliances and none are able to get power from the socket. Your next step should be to check whether a fuse is blown out or if the circuit breaker tripped. If you know which fuse or circuit corresponds to the outlet in question, reset the circuit or replace the fuse. Checking the outlet again will tell you whether that specific area was the source of the problem.

When a circuit continues tripping every time you reset it, there may be a dangerous situation involving a short circuit or a ground fault problem. Stop trying to fix the problem and contact a professional in this situation.

GFCI Checks

Many Buford homes have ground fault current interrupters (GFCIs) in sockets to prevent shocking anyone who comes into contact with the outlet. You often will see a GFCI label signifying this type of outlet is installed. You can try to reset these outlets to get power back using the button on the socket. If that fix doesn’t work, you may have current leaking in the electrical system or your GFCI system may be failing. In either case, acknowledge the danger involved and contact an electrician immediately.

Dead Outlets and a Bad Connection

In some cases, light switches or outlets that have stopped working may point to a bad connection in the screws, wiring or another part of the socket. Your effort to replace the fuse or reset the GFCI will fail in these cases. An electrician will have to take the outlet out of the wall for inspection before deciding on the best course of action. Because there may be faulty wiring in and around the outlet, homeowners should never be involved at this point.

Electrical problems are too dangerous for homeowners to handle. Whether dead outlets or stray wires are endangering your family, call Casteel’s professional electricians to fix the issue and return your home’s electrical work to safety.