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Hiring an Electrician Soon? 5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Make Your Decision

Hiring an Electrician Soon? 5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Make Your Decision

Hiring an electrician is something every person will inevitably do. Whether you need new outlets or have to deal with an emergency situation when your breaker panel fails, it is better to have an electrician to call before problems arise at home.

Here are five questions you should ask potential electricians you’re thinking about hiring.

1. Do You Have an Up-to-Date License and Insurance?

Electrical contractors working in Atlanta or any other area in Georgia need a state license to work in your home legally. Proof of insurance will be necessary in case there is an accident and someone is injured. Workers’ compensation insurance is crucial if you have people working with electrical devices inside your home. To keep a conditioned air contractor’s license, electricians must complete continuing education every year.

2. How Long Have You Worked in the Area?

Neighborhoods share similarities in the era homes were built and electrical systems within them. An electrician who has worked in your area for a long time might find it easier to handle the work in question. If a contractor has experience in your neighborhood, ask for some recommendations from homeowners. These references should tell you a lot about the quality of work you can expect.

3. Will the Work Permit Be Included in the Total Cost?

When you are hiring an electrician to do work, a contractor needs to secure permits in the municipal building office. This process should never become your responsibility. Check to see if the permit is included in the cost of the job, and if not, look for another electrician. Once the work is complete, there will be an inspection to make sure the work is up to code.

4. Is It Okay to Get Quotes From Other Electricians?

After receiving the price quote from a contractor, it makes sense to call a few other electricians and see what they are charging for similar services. Just because another electrician is cheaper doesn’t mean the work will be as good. Ask any contractor the same full line of questions before getting electrical work done on your home.

5. Are There Any Chances of the Cost Going Up?

Things happen during the course of electrical work. A contractor may discover frayed wiring or notice a dangerous socket in another part of your house while completing the original project. Extra work will incur additional charges to your estimate, which is reasonable, but request that any new charges get approved before the work is done. This system ensures there will be no surprises when you get the bill.

When hiring an electrician, you should feel confident that a skilled, trustworthy contractor is entering your home. Contact Casteel for quality electrical work at reasonable prices.