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Gas vs. Electric Heat: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Gas vs. Electric Heat: Which Is Right for Your Home?

While we have what many would call mild winters in the greater Atlanta area, we still need to heat our homes for a few months each year. Most homes in the region use either natural gas or electric heat, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right type - gas vs. electric heat - for your home can have a huge impact, not only on your carbon footprint, but also on your bank account.

Equipment and Installation

When comparing gas vs. electric heat, it is important to remember to look beyond the initial cost of the equipment and installation. For example, a gas furnace can be more than twice as expensive to install as an electric heating system. However, if natural gas lines don’t already run to your house, you’ll either have to have a tank installed and refilled periodically or use electric heat. Having gas delivered by truck every few weeks can drive up the price, making gas a less desirable option. On the other hand, electric heat sometimes turns out to be more expensive when compared side-by-side in an area that is served by both gas and electric utilities.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of warming up a room, electric heat is far more efficient than gas. Electric heaters can raise a room’s temperature to a desired level faster than gas furnaces. It takes a lot of electricity to heat a room or home; however, electric heat can be adjusted on a room-to-room basis to increase its efficiency.

A gas furnace will be cheaper and more energy efficient to run in most instances though, especially in larger or multistory homes and in areas that tend to experience colder weather. Conversely, condominiums and townhouses, which can benefit from ambient heat coming from other units, can be heated efficiently - and relatively inexpensively - with electric heating.

Call a professional heating tech at Casteel to evaluate your HVAC system to make sure you have the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heat source for your home. Having the right type of heating for your house reduces your impact on the environment and could save you hundreds of dollars per year.