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Is A/C Maintenance on Your To-do List This Fall? It Should Be

Is A/C Maintenance on Your To-do List This Fall? It Should Be

As summer winds down in the Atlanta area, the home cooling season is coming to a close. That means that it’s time to put your air conditioner to sleep for winter. Winterizing, however, doesn’t just mean switching your thermostat from “cool” to “heat” and hoping for the best. You have some A/C maintenance to do in order to keep your cooling system in shape over the winter and ready to start up again when warm weather returns.

Window Units

If you use a window unit, carefully take it out of the window, clean it and store it in a dry location that doesn’t tend to get too dusty. While you’re at it, to save on heating costs, seal up your window frames and any potential air leaks with weather stripping.

Central Air

For homes equipped with central air, A/C maintenance means switching off the power and cleaning and covering your outside unit. Remove dirt, leaves and other debris from the equipment (pay special attention to its coils and fins) and the surrounding area. Make sure that the drain pan is clean and empty and that the drain itself is not clogged. When all the water and condensation has dried, cover the air conditioner to protect it from getting wet. Covering the unit will help make sure that the work you’ve done to clean it will not be foiled and that the unit will not be damaged by winter weather.

When it comes time to get your air conditioning unit ready for winter, it will save you time and money to have a plan in place for winter A/C maintenance. On the other hand, if your busy schedule prevents you from getting the proper A/C maintenance done before winter settles in, call the HVAC pros at Casteel for advice and inspection services. They can even shut down and winterize your A/C for you.